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Posting Again, Like A Webmaster

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🌱🌞 A fresh start.

Feeling 2004 vibes again, but with two decades of web standards improvement, unblocking, unhacking the simple act of publishing a web site. Using the technology in a minimal way, directly coding against the most prolific standard web APIs: HTML & CSS.

Internet Archive snapshots miss my first website in 1995, starting six-years later in 2001, then 2002, 2003, 2004 (styles lost), 2005, 2006 (where I similarly pontificate on digital archives), 2007 (another age of lost styles), 2008… into the age of big tech Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

This personal site been through ages of: handcoded, generated static, and dynamically rendered. All have been lost to the ever churning gears of change, especially hosting/publishing services, and dynamic server-side apps.

Here I am again. Back from big tech, or at least using big tech for my own benefit.

Gardening a collection of web pages, hosted on a web server, at a domain I control.

Manually authored HTML with minimal, adaptable CSS layout, and RSS feed.

Discussions through post replies on the fediverse (Mastodon).

Local development preview using a simple, replaceable HTTP server.

Published through GitHub repo integration automating the static site deployment (Cloudflare).

What endures are things created to age well, built on stable abstractions. HTML is the paper of the web. My goal now is to create a personal site that will be live until I die, and beyond, without lock-in to fad technologies.

❤️ Thanks for reading.

Discuss this post in the fediverse. Published 2024-05-31.